Support Level III – Program Development and Implementation

IPi’s consultants will team with your employees to complete a gap analysis to determine the documentation needed to support your work processes and then design and develop your new programs.

IPi will temporarily relocate a team of professionals to your site to complete the tasks identified in the scope of work. All personnel assigned to the project will have the necessary skills to effectively perform assigned duties.

IPi’s technical specialists will team with your operators, maintenance technicians, engineers and managers to develop any/all of the following:

  • Upper-level management policies/procedures
  • Job descriptions
  • Operating procedures/work instructions
  • Maintenance procedures/work instructions
  • Laboratory methods
  • Operating manuals
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Operating limits tables complete with consequences of deviations and operator actions to correct or avoid deviating from the approved operating limits
  • Checklists and forms
  • Training materials (including process descriptions and assessment instruments for both knowledge and performance)
  • Training guides for both operations and maintenance job positions
  • Drawings and P&IDs – IPi can walkdown your current drawings and P&IDs to verify their accuracy, redline changes that need to be made and redraw them using the latest CAD program.
  • Emergency response plans

In addition, if requested an IPi project manager and/or consultant will review materials developed during the project. IPi will assign the number of professionals to the project needed to complete the project within the requested timeline.

All projects require the extensive involvement of your personnel. Involvement by your team members is (1) the right thing to do and (2) required by some regulations such as OSHA’s PSM regulation. This involvement is called “employee participation” in the regulation. But as mentioned earlier, it is also the right thing to do. Your employees know how your processes really operate. IPi provides the process and program development expertise and the client provides the organizational knowledge and validates the program content. This teamwork and organizational involvement increases the quality and accuracy of the programs. More importantly, it increases the acceptance of the programs by personnel that will use these tools to improve the organizations effectiveness.

As work processes are being evaluated and programs are being upgraded or developed, IPi’s team will assess their compliance with applicable regulations. Whether the acronym is OSHA, EPA, NRC, DOT, FDA, HIPPAA, SAMHSA, NAMI, MHA, ADA or ISO, VPP, API, CMA, ANSI OR ASME, the IPi team will have the needed expertise.