Support Level I – Gap Analysis

IPi will conduct an analysis of current conditions, compare those conditions with the organization’s stated goals, generally accepted industry standards, regulatory requirements, and submit a report complete with recommendations to improve work processes and to eliminate or mitigate identified gaps.

The report will include the necessary backup to support all recommendations. For example, if the project scope of work was to identify training needs and design training curricula, the following activities would be performed:

  • Discuss with the client their goals and standards
  • Review the regulatory requirements applicable to the client’s processes (e.g., OSHA, EPA, FDA, DOT, NRC, HIPPA, SAMHSA, NAMI, MHA AND ADA)
  • Review industry guidelines applicable to the client’s processes (e.g., API, CCPS, INPO, . . .)
  • Review voluntary standards of interest to the client (e.g., ISO Quality Standards and OSHA’s VPP)
  • Review the client’s existing documentation (e.g., training materials, procedures, safe work practices, PHA action items related to documentation, PSI, and the last 24 months incident investigations and near miss reports)
  • Conduct job and task analyses of each applicable job position to compile a list of tasks performed
    • Interview a representative sample of job incumbents
    • Interview supervisors, engineers, and managers to validate the preliminary task lists and to identify additional job tasks
    • Evaluate and risk rank job tasks to determine which ones affect the training needs
    • Identify the training needed for successful task performance
    • Sequence the training in a logical order
    • Evaluate existing training materials for possible inclusion in the new training program
    • Identify gaps in the existing training material
    • Determine an approach to fill identified gaps