Industrial Psychologists, Inc.

Meshing Mind and Machine

IPi teams with critical members of your organization to help you create and maintain the work processes, personnel training, and polices and procedures needed to facilitate a highly motivated workforce capable of achieving organizational goals now and in the future.

Our goal is to assist your organization in becoming more productive while ensuring employees are able to lead physically and psychologically productive and healthy lives. Our consultants have over 100 years of combined experience. Our consultant’s experience includes working in the industries we currently serve in hands on operations, maintenance, professional, and supervisory positions. All our consultants have related college degrees and most have graduate degrees in Industrial Psychology up to the PhD level.

oil-&-gasOur consultants and technical staff have extensive experience working in many market sectors. While the majority of our experience is working in the oil & gas, refining, chemical, power generation, and pulp & paper industries, we also have experience in industries such as healthcare and telecommunication.

Industrial Psychologists, Inc. will help you answer the question “Is our SEMS, or PSM, or ISO Quality, or DOT Operator Qualification, or . . . . . . . program where it needs to be?”Earl-on-location Our consultants team with your team to review your programs, upgrade elements where needed and facilitate the culture change required for consistent implementation. Our Consultants and Technical Specialists provide program, effective communication system and overall organizational development support.

Gap Analysis, Training and Consulting and Program Development and Implementation are the 3 Levels of Support that we offer.

Gap Analysis:
IPi routinely conducts gap analyses of current conditions, compare those conditions with the organization’s stated goals, generally accepted industry standards, regulatory requirements, and submit a report complete with recommendations to improve work processes and to eliminate or mitigate findings or observations identified during the gap analysis.

Training and Consulting:
We will review your existing training material to determine their applicability to your new training program, identify training resources that are commercially available to meet your training needs, and identify the procedures and training materials that must be custom developed for your site. We provide off-the-shelf courses, provide technical skills classroom and field trainers, and provide professional and leadership training. In addition, IPi consultants are available to work with your team members as long as needed to assist with program implementation.

Program Development and Implementation:
We will temporarily relocate a team of professionals to your site to complete the tasks identified in the scope of work of the project.Typical projects include:

  • Operating, maintenance and safety procedure development services
  • Laboratory methods/procedure development services
  • Administrative and program level procedure development services
  • Training and operating material development services
  • Troubleshooting guides/operating limits table development services
  • Assemble process safety information

SupervisionWe use a systematic approach to organizational development addressing the challenges and opportunities facing organizations in these rapidly changing times. We emphasize the interdependence of job observation, job analysis, personnel selection, training, and evaluation in creating and maintaining highly motivated and committed job incumbents.

Our project approach is a variation of a methodology that has been used by most industries for decades. Depending on the industry, it is referred to as ADDIE, Instructional System Design (ISD), or Systematic Approach to Training (SAT). IPi is prepared to perform turn-key efforts by completing all five elements of the methodology analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation or assist you with one or any combination of the elements.

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