Our site experienced a generational shift in the workforce and due to the low turnover over many years, we did not have robust training systems in place to handle the large number of new hires we were required to bring on board.  Earl and his team did a very good job of helping us formulate a more formalized and consistent training program and supporting training materials.  With his help, we were able to more effectively assimilate new personnel into our plant and further improve the training of existing personnel.  This led to record levels of production in 2015 and his support and experience helped us transition through this generational shift well and become an even stronger operation.

Gary Wolf
Bayer Kansas City, MO

When we initiated the restart of an idled petroleum refinery with a blank sheet of paper in regards to various policies and procedures, IPI was brought in to assist us with the development of those with minimal reference and a skeleton staff to use as their subject matter base.  They were able to step up to the challenge proving they had what it took to help us get where we needed to be.  

Since that initial effort, IPI continues to assist us with the ongoing effort to minimize our gaps and maintain what we started.  We couldn't have asked for a better partner to take on this effort.  

Thanks IPI for all you've done!

Kristopher Gibson
CRC Refinery Manager

We are pleased to note our satisfaction with the standard of service in helping us comply with the Federal Regulation offered to us by a qualified and efficient team from Industrial Psychologists Incorporated. This is a company with high integrity and strong, traditional values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction, but don't just take their word for it, take time to review their customer testimonials.

The agent, who has been providing services to our company has shown how passionate he is about his job and has delivered a high level of professional service. This company provides a dynamic, professional, and high quality support.

Also, we would like to commend that the vision of Industrial Psychologists Incorporated is to establish long term client-focused relationships where honesty, enthusiasm and integrity are paramount. Their experience and understanding of the regulations helps them to exceed their customers' expectations.

We believe in open and honest relationships with the agency and looking forward for to further cooperation.

George Knox
Training Specialist, Lucite International, Inc.